Bill Bohack

Bill BohackBill Bohack, C.E.O. and founder of Consumer Claims Center of America, is here to help the people.

He specializes in consumer injury litigation, having played a key role in helping claimants in the injury lawsuits filed against BP, Pfizer, and other major corporations that have taken advantage of consumers.


The highest calling in life is to serve our fellow man, and that’s what we do here at Consumer Claims Center of America.

Having been born in New Jersey and later moving to Florida, his mother (Lois Hekker) instilled the values of service in Bill. Her activist’s spirit found its way into her son’s heart.

When he’s not hard at work with clients and law firms, Bill can be found fishing in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Sarasota, Florida.

As the founder and C.E.O of, Bill endeavors to serve his fellow man by assisting them in fighting for their legal rights. His character can be attested by the many he has enabled get legal relief.

The clients Bill serves have been injured, often seriously. Bill works with and for these claimants every day; he cares for them. These are real people and that’s why an advocacy service such as Consumer Claims Center of America is vital to the lives of “the little guys”.

Bill Bohack used to be heavily involved with real estate and property development before realizing that he had a higher calling and even stronger passion in the realm of consumer claims advocacy.

Pharmaceutical companies have been known to manipulate unknowing consumers into using defective products. Bill sees a pattern in which these large corporations can make billions in profits by selling dangerous and defective products, and then pay out only a small percentage of their profits in injury claim lawsuits.They do not carry out enough research on these products and their consumption or use causes devastating side effects. Some of them altogether lead to death, an indescribably tragic outcome for the families involved.

Bill Bohack’s set out to fight against this trend of the corporate world with his advocacy service, Consumer Claims Center of America. His calling is to ensure that all claimants filing lawsuits against these dubious corporations get their just compensation.

He has steered his organization into acquiring thousands of compensatory deals on behalf of the claimants. The compensation awarded in these cases is used to rectify the patient’s medical conditions.

Bill Bohack has proven that he values human life and that it is his utmost priority to protect it at whatever cost. He is a “crusader in shorts, not a suit.” In other words, Bill is down-to-earth and acts as a medium through which individuals and families can take a stand against major corporations. You don’t need multi-million dollar lawyers to win a legal battle with a corporation such as Pfizer; you just need Consumer Claims Center of America.

Bill Bohack is also passionate about the conservation and preservation of coasts and wildlife. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill definitely aroused a lot of interest and positive energy from him, energy geared towards rectifying the astounding mess created by BP Oil.

The oil spill immediately changed Bill’s daily routine; it was a call to action.

The resulting problems from the spill were immense. Residents were faced with serious challenges and they needed skillful, organized assistance in finding justice within the chaos. Bill Bohack dove into the case head-first.

If not for the well calculated efforts and precision, many of the injured parties involved in the oil clean up would have been devastated financially. Bill fought the good fight against BP, and won. Through enabling BP claimants to get compensation, Bill Bohack was and continues to be instrumental in the rebuilding of the lives of those affected.

Bill continues to fight for consumer rights with Consumer Claims Center of America. His current focus involves medical injury claims, such as the Lipitor Lawsuit, the Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit, Zoloft Birth Defect Claims, and more.